Politicians Call for Action Over EU Query to Video Games Assistance

Joe at leading Dundee-based computer games company Outplay Entertainments last year.

The European Commission has (today, Tuesday) launched an investigation into the UK’s proposed help for the video games industry, saying it might distort competition and questioning whether it is necessary to help stimulate the industry.

Now MSPs Joe FitzPatrick and Mark McDonald are urging Scots to respond to the Commission and help protect a growing industry.

Speaking after the move was announced by the Commission, Joe FitzPatrick MSP, who represents Dundee City West where a substantial number of …

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SNP MEP Ian Hudghton has made a plea to the European Commission to extend tax relief for the games industry, describing as “alarming” recent reports that temporary concessions granted in 2007 are about to end.  Mr Hudghton’s call comes in the wake of TIGA’s recent bid to have tax breaks for the industry included in the UK Government’s forthcoming Budget.


Without these concessions, the MEP argues, games companies are liable to shift production out of the EU to countries such as Canada and South Korea with …

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New Cross Party Group “Stronger Voice for Games Sector”

Responding to the publication of TIGA’s new report, ‘Supporting Start-Ups in the UK Games Development Sector,’ Joe FitzPatrick, Dundee City West MSP who has been elected as Convener of the newly-formed Cross Party Group on Video Games Technology, commented:
“Over the last few weeks months I have been in regular contact with TIGA to help drive forward proposals to support the video games sector in Scotland.”
“Last week I organised a meeting to establish a Cross Party Group at the Scottish Parliament that will allow developers and …

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Tax Levers Required at Holyrood For Computer Games Industry to Reach Full Potential

The SNP Government has reaffirmed its support for the computer games industry in Dundee and across Scotland.

MSP for Dundee City West Joe FitzPatrick is confident that the games industry has a bright future but he said, during First Minister’s Question time today at Holyrood, that for the sector to achieve its full potential, greater powers for the Scottish Parliament must be in place, including control of the tax levers.

Speaking in Parliament, he said: “In Dundee and across Scotland the SNP Government have supported the creative and …

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Computer Games Industry Needs Help to Compete, Says MSP

Dundee West MSP Joe FitzPatrick today [Mon 7 Feb] today reacted to publication of the Scottish Affairs Committee Report on the Computer Games Industry.

Joe FitzPatrick said: “The Report notes that, mainly due to the collapse of Realtime Worlds, the number of Scottish employees in the computer games industry has fallen by 18% in 2010.

“It suggests that ‘this decline has been primarily attributed to the generous subsidies for games companies available overseas.’

“Significant tax credits are on offer for companies developing games in Canada and France, while …

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MSP Welcomes Dundee College’s Closer Ties with Computer Games Body

News that Dundee College has joined the Computer Games Industry body TIGA was welcomed today in Dundee by MSP Shona Robison.

Dundee College, one of Scotland’s largest higher education colleges, offers courses suited to students looking to enter the games industry, including three HNC courses in Computing Software Development, 3D Modeling and Animation and Computer Games Development.

Commenting on the announcement, Dundee East MSP Shona Robison said: “Dundee College is already heavily involved in the Computer Games Industry, being the host of the app development conference App …

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Dundee West SNP MSP Joe FitzPatrick has welcomed comments made by Stuart Cosgrove, Channel 4’s director of nations and regions and the chairman of the digital industries advisory group to the Scottish Government, supporting the need for tax incentives so that Scotland can maintain its top-ranking status in a field in which it excels.

Mr FitzPatrick has been critical of the failure of the UK Chancellor to bring forward tax incentives for the industry in his latest pre-Budget …

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